Bernard gave a new life to the park and is restoring it according to the original 1870 water-colour plan designed by Lainé, a French famous landscape designer. Bernard compared the plan to the actual landscape and  started giving their proper shape to the various spaces where trees had grown at random. He is currently planting new trees and bushes to enliven the park with a wide variety of colours, textures and perfumes. He also reorders the banks of the rivulet running from the North pond to the South pond.

Bernard also redesigned the wall garden in a practical and elegant way : some thirty rows of vegetable and flowers in the center, a fruit garden on the East side, and a large mixed border on the West side along the wall. He renovated the green house and transformed a former sheepfold into an art studio.

The fruit and vegetable are organically produced and they provide the main part of the meals during the retreats. They can also constitute an ideal base for retreats teaching about healthy nutrition or vegetarian cuisine. The great variety of flowers, leaves and branches provides flower design teachers with abundant natural material in all seasons.